About DCD Code Sprint

You can join #drupal-contribute in IRC (More about IRC)

Why you should attend

If you a Drupal developer and have been telling yourself to contribute to the community, this is the right place for you to get started. If you are already a core/contrib contributor, you get a chance to have insightful discussions, share and gain knowledge, module ideas and who knows, you may contribute the next Views.

If you are a newbie to Drupal, or a student, who wants to start coding, even if you are not aware of GIT, or don’t have an account on Drupal.org, we have much to offer. Our mentors will make sure you get enough attention so that you are aware of Drupal.org, GIT and can create patches.

We will have 4 groups, assign yourself a group based on

  • Novice - You are in this group if you are a student, new developer and don’t have knowledge about GIT, Drupal core code, dont have a Drupal.org account or not aware of how to contribute a patch to the community.

  • Mid Level  - If you know D6, D7 but not aware of D8 and how to contribute, and not highly aware of how to work on GIT.

  • Advanced Level - If you know Drupal in and out, may be provided a module / theme / patch to the community.

  • Expert Level - You eat Drupal, drink Drupal, think of it in shower and you are Blue in Color, you deserve this group ;)

What to expect

As we are dividing the group into 4 groups, here are the outcomes for every group.

  • Novice - Basics of GIT, setup Drupal, an account on Drupal.org and most importantly, how to provide a patch to the community.

  • Mid Level - Clearer concepts of GIT, patching process and module contribution guide. The starting point will be drupalladder.org

  • Advanced Level - We will work on some issues that will be tagged, but before that, you will get a walk through the changesets from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, like url(), l(), and other hooks...

  • Expert Level - Hands on work on Migrating a module from Drupal 6,7 to Drupal 8 using Drupal Module Upgrader. You are allowed to choose a module (Small, if you are all alone)


  1. A laptop with a working Drupal 8 environment, GIT installed and your favorite IDE.

  2. Passion for Drupal Contribution and Hunger for more.

How to setup

Use the links here to know more about setting up your system for