Art of Community Management - Lessons & Stories from India

Skill level

Over the last 3 years, I have worked with 10 local Drupal communities and few other open source communities (jQuery, WordPress & DevOps) in India. I’ve organised meetups, code sprints, DrupalCamps & conferences with almost all the communities I’ve worked with.

Over time, I’ve realised and learned that all open source communities in India function or operate differently, some communities are far superior to others with their management while some are not, but they make up for it in some other way to be successful. While Indian open source communities can improve on some aspects, it’s important to appreciate how far we have come and what we’ve achieved over the past 7 - 8 years.

In this presentation I will talk about:

  • My experiences working with various communities
    • Stories of interest.

    • Amazing feats achieved by people.

    • Heroes behind the scenes.

    • Showcase by numbers, how Indian community has grown. (historical data of events and types of events in India from d.o)

  • How different communities function
    • Leadership & Management

    • How are events organized within local communities?

    • Their common problems.

  • What these local Drupal communities need to work on and improve to be at par with other mature open source communities.
    • What are our shortfalls?

    • Why do we need to work on our shortfalls?

    • What can we do as a community together to overcome our shortfalls?

  • Propose Initiatives for the Drupal community that can trickle down to local communities.

There is more context, reference & information in a blog I wrote about the Indian Drupal community - The Indian Drupal Ecosystem Needs a Push!.

Who should attend

  • Anyone managing their local Drupal Community.
  • Anyone who is looking to hear about success stories from India (individual & local group).
  • Those who want to understand how Drupal communities function in general.