CMI - You Betcha!

Skill level

Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) is the new buzz word in the Drupal domain and is also a key feature in Drupal 8. It offers an effective and effortless approach to manage configurations between different environments. To be able to comprehend CMI, it is important to understand the underlying concept and its complexities. The backbone of CMI is the new Entity concept introduced in Drupal 8 as both entity and CMI concepts are analogous to each other.

With the introduction of CMI, the community took a plunge to rework features from the ground level. This indeed was a huge step and improved the whole notion of Drupal as an application framework that can work seamlessly across different environments. Features in Drupal 7 was kind of a love-hate relationship but in Drupal 8, they are promising and offer a very flexible integration with the configuration management.

Also, with CMI now it's very easy to manage configurations with version control like you do with your rest of the code. CMI will work seamlessly with any and every version control workflow that we follow.

In this session, we will understand entities, CMI, and features. We will also follow it up with a demo for everyone to start feeling confident about the use in their Drupal 8 projects.

Session Outline

  • Brief introduction of entities in Drupal 8
  • Why CMI
  • CMI basic concepts (Staging & Active directories), terminologies, workflows including version control
  • Gotchas and WTFs with CMI
  • Features introduction and their integration & usage with CMI

Demo Outline

  • Deployment using CMI in different environments
  • GIT workflow demonstration
  • Configuration management using Drush
  • Features + CMI Integration

Takeaways for attendees

  • Drupal 8 Entity Concept
  • Generic configuration management
  • CMI + Features in Drupal 8
  • Deployment workflows

Co-Speaker: Sanket Jain