Composer: Dependency Manager for PHP

Submitted by a_thakur on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 17:23
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Composer is a tool to manage dependency in PHP. Composer’s adoption in Drupal project started with Drupal 8 but there were some Drupal 7 modules which already used composer to manage dependencies. With release of Drupal 8 it is a must for every Drupal developer to understand composer and this session will make your way easy to adopt or understand composer.

Session Details

In this session we will cover following topics

  • Composer Introduction

  • Basic composer commands

  • Composer vs Drush make

  • Packagist: The PHP package repository

  • Using composer to manage dependencies in Drupal 7: This would allow to leverage composer even if you are working on a Drupal 7 project


At the end of the session you would understand package management in PHP using composer and it would also leave you with enough information to get started with composer even if you are still working on a Drupal 7 project