Drupal 8 in a day training

Get a solid introduction to Drupal in a day. Learn about the most essential features and concepts of Drupal through hands on activities.

First you will get an introduction to Drupals' terminology, the use of basic functionalities and a prospect on extension possibilities by developing modules. As part of the practical exercises the participants will learn how to install a Drupal site and to add and manage users. They will create a custom content type and you will use it on a new page or in a blog assisted by view module.

By the end of this day participants will be able to create a simple website, will be familiar with Drupal 8 concepts, high level architecture and terminology and be able to identify how Drupal sites are constructed. Participants will know how to identify and choose modules to get the functionality they need. Participants will also get an overview of Drupal's API and theming layers.



Participants should have an interest in learning about content management systems. No prior web development or Drupal skills are required. Some previous understanding of content management & Drupal is helpful.

And yes, a Laptop (Win/Linux/Mac) with LAMP/XAMPP or similar configured.

Syllabus / Agenda / Outline

Module 1: Under the hood of a simple website
Lesson 1.1 Web Browsers, HTML, and CSS
Lesson 1.2 IP Addresses and the Domain Naming System (DNS)
Lesson 1.3 Where are the Files?
Lesson 1.4 The Website Application Stack
Lesson 1.5 Database Driven Websites
Lesson 1.6 Learning Module Summary

Module 2: What is Drupal?
Lesson 2.1 - Introduction to Drupal
Lesson 2.2 - Drupal Administration tour
Lesson 2.3 - Common modules and configurations
Lesson 2.4 - Installing modules

Module 3: Content management
Lesson 3.1 - Creating and managing content
Lesson 3.2 - Designing Content types
Lesson 3.3 - Categorizing content with Taxonomy
Lesson 3.4 - Managing users

Module 4: Site Building with Drupal
Lesson 4.1 - Create lists of content with Views
Lesson 4.2 - Information architecture
Lesson 4.3 - Layout
Lesson 4.4 - Navigation

Module 5: Extending Drupal
Lesson 5.1 - Introduction to D8 API and Modules
Lesson 5.2 - Introduction to D8 Theming Layer

Intended Audience
This introductory workshop is suitable for those who have little or no previous experience with Drupal. It is ideal for students and employees from a variety of business roles (i.e. owners, managers, marketers, and web developers) who desire to see the power of Drupal in a hands-on, interactive and instructor-led environment.


Participation Fee

Free, but registration is required.