Porting Drupal 7 theme to Drupal 8 and introduction to twig.

The session will cover all the advance concepts of Drupal 7 theming - Preprocessors , theme functions and theme templating and how can they be used in Drupal 8 theming in a best ways.

This session will focus and throw some light on twig templating overview and will cover some live examples of porting drupal 7 complex theme logics into Drupal 8.


  • Drupal 7 advance concepts overview. 
  • Drupal 8 templating changes overview.
  • Twig templating - Details.
  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 porting - Hands on.  

Lightning - The distribution for Enterprise Authoring

Overview of the Session :

  • What is Lightning
  • Tutorial of how to setup and make your site up and running using lightning
  • Features that Lightning provides OOTB
  • How to Contribute back
  • Extending Lightning approaches : 
    • Consume
    • Extend
    • Inheritable 
  • I'll share my experience with recent client project where we shifted from custom profile to lightning extend approach.
  • Lightning Experimental features

Who should attend -

Tools and strategy for continuous development in Drupal

Submitted by a_thakur on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 17:48


Continuous development strategy adds a great deal of value where a team can push to prod multiple times in a day where each atomic deployment adds some value to production site. Though this seems an ideal solution and some of high end engineering companies like GitHub follow this religiously. Following this strategy requires a mature team and a rock solid CI.

Bringing sanity to your projects through Jira

Submitted by leenakhera on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 16:28

Your developers may be tracking their work in sprints in JIRA Software, while the rest of the team might be using a different (or ad hoc) solution. Many agencies or in-house teams use spreadsheets to make sure requirements and deadlines are met. But these tools require a ton of manual upkeep, and can’t accommodate all the complex elements. If just one piece of information is missing, the entire system can crumble.

Introduction to Drupal commerce and it's integration with product information management system (Akeneo).

This session is about understanding basic components of drupal commerce.In this session we also want to discuss how we used akeneo as product information management system with drupal commerce.

Important points we will cover in this session are:

  • Major drupal commerce components.
  • Integration of drupal commerce with akeneo.
  • Major differences between Drupal Commerce 1.x and Drupal Commerce 2.x.

How to kick off contribution culture in your organization

Submitted by snehi on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 15:24

The development or existence of any open-source project is all depends upon the community and its active support.

None of the open-source project can be made better without the contribution culture not even Drupal. 

So, for that reason each and every company who consumes Drupal or any open-source project must give some contributions back to the community.

That is the main reason I have chosen this session instead of any coding session.

This session will include:

1. How to push your team mates and other folks to

Multilingual sites in Drupal 8

This session will demonstrate how a multilingual website can be built in Drupal 8. 

In Drupal 7 we needed a lot of contrib to build a decent multilingual website. and those modules will not work with each other as harmoniously as we like. Translaing things like titles, field collections, date etc as a tedious task. With four modules in core in Drupal 8.

Key items of the session will be:

Workebench and workflow management in Drupal 8

Workbench suit has been a popular way to manage workflow of content since Drupal 7. This session will demonstrate how a projects can leverage Workbench now. Development status and roadmap will also be covered.

Key items of the session will be:

  • Introduction to module suite.
  • Features modules, with use-cases.
  • Walkthrough of configuration options
  • Walk through of use cases.
  • Workbench Access
  • Workbench Moderation in core as Content Moderation.

Who should attend this: