Candor: Practice to bring happiness and success to your company and employees

Submitted by Mridula on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 17:51

Practising candor is a rare quality in Asians, more so in Indians. Majority of us have been brought up to sugar coat before we speak, we do not want to spoil a relationship whether personal or professional, or ruffle a feather, or we do not want to hurt anyone.
But is that the truth, that by not saying the correct thing or by not being open or honest we are doing good to others?

Headless Drupal using Phalcon

Submitted by Revathi on Sat, 10/22/2016 - 18:47


Want to share my experience implementing a headless drupal site for a large Newspaper site using phalcon. This implementation use drupal with multiple instances with a shared codebase as a backend and phalcon as a frontend.

The architecture includes a Mongo database from which Phalcon accesses content. Drupal pushes content to this Mongo Database using a custom module. Implementation of Phalcon is a good learning and approaches are similar to Drupal 8. I will introduce you to

Loosely Decoupled Framework - Working Model

We all know that multiple discussions are getting around Drupal's role in separation of concern i.e., how can we leverage drupal as a service platform which can use any front-end technology seamlessly.

For now, we have used mustache / handlebars to prove this concept, that can be replaced with any existing or future front-end framework like angular, react etc.

At one front head-less architecture is quite famous for this reason, however, in that thing we are not able to take advantage of Drupal's out of the box capabilities like content authoring and others as well.

Don't just upgrade your module to Drupal 8, modernize it

Submitted by hussainweb on Sat, 09/24/2016 - 13:34

Drupal 8 is a massive improvement in how we write PHP code - modern, reusable, and testable PHP code. This massive shift in programming style and jump in concepts has made the code in Drupal 8 appear very complex, which makes it difficult for a Drupal developer to upgrade modules to Drupal 8. Fortunately, the Drupal community has built lot of documentation, guides, and presentations on porting modules by listing change records for each functionality that used to exist in Drupal 7 and how to do the same thing in Drupal 8.