Drupal 8

Introduction to Drupal Console

Drupal 8 is more technically advanced compared to its predecessor and managing the increasing complexity of Drupal 8 could be a daunting task for anyone. Drupal Console is a suite of tools to help manage that complexity. Writing a Drupal 8 module now involves a lot more boilerplate code and there is a lot you need to know and do just to get started building a new module. These tasks can be repetitive and tedious, and can therefore create increased potential for errors. Fortunately, Drupal Console can solve all these problems and save your time.

Why write code when you can use Drupal Console!

Console is one of the goodies Drupal inherited form Symfony. It is a CLI (Command Line Interface) for Drupal 8. This can help you in scaffolding code for your module. You can generate things like plugins, blocks, forms, services within seconds.

This session will be a walk through of things you can do with Drupal Console.It is intended for anyone looking to increase productivity while developing and interacting with Drupal 8.

The session will cover following topic: