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Lightning - The distribution for Enterprise Authoring

Overview of the Session :

  • What is Lightning
  • Tutorial of how to setup and make your site up and running using lightning
  • Features that Lightning provides OOTB
  • How to Contribute back
  • Extending Lightning approaches : 
    • Consume
    • Extend
    • Inheritable 
  • I'll share my experience with recent client project where we shifted from custom profile to lightning extend approach.
  • Lightning Experimental features

Who should attend -

Composer: Dependency Manager for PHP

Submitted by a_thakur on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 17:23


Composer is a tool to manage dependency in PHP. Composer’s adoption in Drupal project started with Drupal 8 but there were some Drupal 7 modules which already used composer to manage dependencies. With release of Drupal 8 it is a must for every Drupal developer to understand composer and this session will make your way easy to adopt or understand composer.

Session Details

In this session we will cover following topics

  • Composer Introduction

Guide to BLT - Build and Launch Tool

"Thanks for making us successful" - An email from the client said.

And it is when the team realized that the tools used, processes, conventions & best practices followed enhanced and smoothened the lifecycle of the project development.

But is repeating everything justified and the best utilization of our time?
The answer is NO.

And as a result BLT[Build and Launch Tool] was built and it is now an open source tool to use.