Why write code when you can use Drupal Console!

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Skill level

Console is one of the goodies Drupal inherited form Symfony. It is a CLI (Command Line Interface) for Drupal 8. This can help you in scaffolding code for your module. You can generate things like plugins, blocks, forms, services within seconds.

This session will be a walk through of things you can do with Drupal Console.It is intended for anyone looking to increase productivity while developing and interacting with Drupal 8.

The session will cover following topic:

  • Introduction to Drupal Console
  • Setup
  • Scaffolding common drupal tasks
    • Generating Module
    • Generating Themes
    • Generating Services
    • Generating Forms
    • Generate Plugins
    • Generate Entity
  • Other common usages like locale, translation and cache
  • A fully functional module with above mentioned features generated via Console
  • Similarities and Differences with Drush
  • Roadmap of Drupal console

Who should attend this:

  • Drupal Developers
  • Themers


Basic knowledge of Drupal 8 module development